Course based on IMO model course 1.22, (Ship simulator and Bridge team management)


This course is practical and theoretical; it consists of a series of exercise performed on a ship handling simulator. Classroom lectures, to provide the necessary theoretical background for the exercise, are included. Particular items dealt with in these lectures are illustrated either by including them as part of an exercise or by a separate simulator demonstration. Bridge teamwork is dealt with as interactive Computer Based Training (CBT).


The trainees who successfully complete this course will have gained experience in handling ship under various conditions and will make a more effective contribution to the bridge team during ship maneuvering in normal and emergency situations.

In particular, trainees will gain:

  • Familiarization with the use of engines and helm for ship maneuvering;
  • An understanding of the effects on the behavior of the ship of wind, current, shallow water, banks and narrow channels and condition of loading ;
  • A greater understanding  and awareness of efficient bridge procedures and bridge teamwork during watch keeping and ship handling, in normal and in emergency situations;
  • A greater awareness and understanding of a good interactive communication style and benefit of building up a common shared mental model of the planned passage.

Trainees undergo Maritime Resource Management (MRM) CBT program developed by The Swedish Club Academy.

Course content:

  • Situation and Cultural Awareness
  • Attitude 
  • Communication and Briefing
  • Challenge and Response
  • Authority and Assessment
  • Management Styles
  • Work Load
  • Short Term Strategy
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Crisis Management
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