Rigging and Slinging

Course Format: The course consists of both formal instruction and practical training. Instruction includes, 6 hours of classroom based theory with the visual aid of several rigging and slinging DVDs. Practical training consists of 6 hours of demonstration and individual application of theory based knowledge.

Course Objectives: The course shall provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the safe methods and procedures of rigging and slinging. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to perform; basic rigging, evaluation of components, safe and proper handling of components, and inspections of components. Participants will also gain knowledge in the application of chains, ropes, slings, and hardware used in rigging.

Course Outline:

Module 2: Rigging Gear and Inspection Criteria

  • Sling (Wire Rope, Single-Part, Mini-Part)
  • Rigging Components
  • Sling Ends
  • Eye and Sling Choker Hook

Module 3: Putting Slings to Work - Hitch Capacity and Hardware Selection 
Rigging Fundamentals             

  • Know Your Lift
  • The Lifting Device
  • The Hitch
  • The Load
  • Load Weight

Steps to Follow

  • Analyze and Measure
  • Determine the Hitch
  • Select the Sling
  • Inspect the Sling
  • Rig Up, Not Down
  • Check Everything
  • Stand Clear and Lift
  • Use a Tagline, or Tether to Control any Movement
  • Don't Jerk

Module 4: Safe Rigging Practices and Procedures for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry - API RP 2D

  • Securing a Load
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Being Aware
  • Load Binders
  • Begin Tie Down

Module 5: Blocks and Wire Ropes

  • Drums, Blocks, Sheaves, and Wire Usage and Inspection
  • Wipe Rope Installation


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